Saturday, 27 December 2014

Poem: Why Governments Fail Africa

What we seek is not treasure

What we see is the bigger picture

Politicians will always let this beautiful country down

They are all just after the crown

A crown they have not sown

A crown they don’t own

A crown that comes with lots of rules

Rules they have no clue

Clues that have their origin in the West

A west that thinks it’s the best

The best but thinks less of the rest

The rest is where you and I belong

We can form our own government come along

Just change the way you think that is all

Africans need Africans hear the call

Governments only seek their welfare that is a wall

Name your children Kofi and Ama forget Paul

Governments occupy themselves with formalities

They are not built around you and I but elite personalities

As the clock ticks they play tricks

Their favorite game politics

When we think of one another we set this country on sails

We smile even when the government fails

My Ghanaian Mindset

In my mind we have a bright future as a country

In my mind we are a part of a great history

A history that has a story

A story that will not let us worry

A story we will not say sorry

Because we are a country of great potential

Great land great credential

Ghana first that is essential

A country that has a continent to inspire

A country whose people keep moving with desire

A country that will not retire